3 Reasons to order with us online

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People nowadays buy nearly everything online - Now you can even order an appraisal from our website. At Appraisal Services of Brandon, Inc . we're always willing to take your assignment by phone or by fax. However did you know that ordering online has benefits for us both?

Order appraisals online from Appraisal Services of Brandon, Inc ..

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Faster and more accurate ordering

Before we had to manually enter all the property and assignment data from your fax or email.. Importing the property details from an online order into our report preparation software is easy and less prone to errors. When you order electronically with Appraisal Services of Brandon, Inc ., you also benefit from status updates on the report whenever you want them, even after hours - eliminating phone tag.

Communicate more effectively

When you place an order online with Appraisal Services of Brandon, Inc ., you get an instant email verification that your request was received. We can even receive a text message notifying us the appraisal request arrived and respond to you in a flash, even when we are not in the office. No more wondering if your order was received! Any time a milestone is reached on your appraisal assignment — appointment set, inspection complete, etc. — it's quicklyand automatically updated on our website, and you can know up to the minute the status of your appraisal.

Instant report delivery

When the appraisal order is ready, we send you an email with a technology called SureReceipts. With SureReceipts, a standard .PDF format report is uploaded onto a secure area of our website. We send you an automated email that lets you know the report is complete, and includes a hyperlink to follow to download your appraisal report. Delivering your report like this lets you an alternative to email systems that can reject emails with large file attachments. Delivering the report through SureReceipts assures you'll never deal with size limitations againThis method of delivery makes sure the appraisal attachment isn't too large for your email system and also lets you download the report again should you need another copy.

Doubting if an order went through is a thing of the past. No more questioning whether the appraisal appointment is scheduled, or the inspection is done. No more concerns of where your appraisal report is! All of these were valid problems previously. Today, ordering online gives you peace of mind so you'll worry less.